26 April, 2012

Politically Incorrect for Thursday, April 26

TSA pats down 4 year old Caucasian female from Kansas. Yes, a known hot bed for terrorists. How about they pat down Middle Eastern men from 18-40 years of age? As far as I know, that's the only group that has smuggled bombs or flown planes into buildings!
No lie, they did a pat down on my 80+ year old father?!  They asked why he didn't take his shoes off, his response: "I have arthritis from choking Japs in the surf during the Big One." They then asked if he had any weapons, his response: "just my wife."  Love that man!

Florida Judge Declares Unconstitutional to drug test employees.

Check it out: wanna do something nice for Michelle Obama?  Come November this year you can grant this 'fantasy' of hers and make a dream come true!  Isn't that special?

Obama EPA appointee Caught on Video saying about Oil and Gas Companies "Crucify Them - Just As Romans Crucified Conquered Citizens."  Now that's a pro-business attitude.

Student Loans (which Obama did not vote on as a Senator) another $Trillion Bailout?!

To Clarify; Jesus was NOT a Red!

Atheist Attack on Christians

Attack on Self Defense just another veiled attempt to Attack our Right to Bear Arms!

The Dark Side of Earth Day by Robert Knight

Big Surprise: More Commie friends of Comrade Obama

Another Commie Friend of Obama Advocates for, you guessed it, Communism.

Market Crash Imminent?

Indoctrination 101

The New Charles Colson by Cal Thomas