11 April, 2012

Politically Incorrect News for Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Heard it here first, Thursday, January 5, 2012; before Drudge or the Drive By Media, see below excerpt:

Is Obama Sick? He doesn't look well! Is the White House covering up an Obama illness? It's no secret I do not like the President nor do I care for any of his Commie policies, BUT, having said that I do not wish the man ill. Rumors are circulating that there is something wrong with the Pres. (no pun intended). Take a look at this picture from yesterday. Is the White House covering up an illness?
It is a stressful job, everyone that gets it ages 40 years in 4, but this looks bad.

OBAMA THIN AND WASTING AWAY reports Drudge, 3 months later!

Obama Blows his Commie Top!

Cancer vaccine, really?

Obama Blasts GOP for not changing their position on a single thing.  Really? Get out!  Man must have specially made pants.

...and so it begins; MSNBC investigates Romneys Mormon faith.  And the investigation into Obama's affiliation with Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, etc.?  Where is THAT investigation?!

Obama utilizes old Commie trick, in other words he is lying about re-distribution of wealth policy.

Nothing important, Just Western Civilization at a Crossroads, that's all.

As the Old Chinese Curse says:  "May you live in interesting times"

Survival of the Fittest and other Evolutionary Myths

Propaganda Ministry Goes Nuts on 'Dangerous Weather'

Miss Universe to allow Transexuals a.k.a. freak shows to compete

God didn't give you AIDS, you did that all by yourself.  Looking for someone else to blame, look at Satan he brought about disease.