06 April, 2012

The Politically Incorrect Easter Weekend Edition

Yes, today is Good Friday, and yes there will be links to articles with the usual cutting edge conservative comments leading to said links, but today causes one to pause and reflect.  So often in society today we hear the word 'security' used.  In this world of economic malaise there is uncertainty about ones future.  Will I lose my job?  Will I lose my house?  Will I lose my insurance?  Will I lose my life savings while waiting to find a job in this economy?  Heck, will I lose my life?  All valid questions, all valid concerns.  We live in a different time now as we transition to Socialism under the leadership of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Sibelius, Bernanke, Geithner, et al.   

People also worry about their Social Security benefits, and rightfully so.  Not just because it is a Ponzi scheme (which it is) but because it is bankrupt and so is the nation if not for the fact that Bernanke and other Keynesians have the ability to print counterfeit money.

Yes, all of these things are true, valid stressors in one’s life, but the truth is that although many things can be changed to correct the nations current course away from the Constitution and sound financial practices, your true security still will not come from those things.  

Today, Good Friday, is the day we remember the sacrifice of one man, the Son of God (that would be His only Son,  Mr. Obama) Jesus, the Christ.  He suffered, but it was not the scourging or crucifixion that was the most repugnant, I'm not saying that was easy either, it was the bearing of all our sins, all the filth in our souls that had to borne upon He who was without sin and then to be judged guilty by the Father for the forgiveness of our sins, that was the most reprehensible to Him.  Do not misunderstand, He did it willingly, but it was a brutal process and a revolting instant.

If you want true security put your faith in the shedding of that blood that was a sacrifice for you and me and for all of us.  God loves you, that’s why He sent His Son, to suffer and die as a sacrifice for sin, to make Holy, that which is unholy-namely, me and you.  If you live your life accordingly and with that knowledge, then no matter what life throws at you, at least your eternity is secure.  It doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to do as you please, nor that life is somehow gonna be easy.  Trust me, every concern I mentioned previously has actually occurred in my life, and worse. 

So, with that in mind, I share with you today my favorite bit of scripture, and it is my favorite because I am the guy with all the fears and concerns I mentioned above.  I was reminded of what follows in a powerful way 18 years ago.  Of course, I have to bring this to you in my own style, a style I think is more contemporarily worded, call it the Greene Opinion Translation if you like.  So without further ado, and with no  disrespect, taken from Matthew Ch. 6, verses 25 on.

Don’t worry about food and clothes, or paying the bills, isn’t your life about more than all that stuff?

Check out the birds flyin’ around, they don’t have jobs, pay bills, put kids through college, but God feeds them, and you’re worth a lot more than some stupid bird.

What are you worrying about?  Worry is interest paid on problems you don’t yet have.  Can all your worry add a single day to your life?  No, in fact it’ll shorten it.

Check out the flowers.  They don’t do anything constructive, yet they’re freakin’ beautiful and look a lot better than some Wall Street guy in a $1000 Hugo Boss suit.

So think about it, if God makes such beautiful flowers that are here one day and then mowed over the next, how much better care is He gonna take of you?  You’re worth a lot more than flowers dude.  Don’t have such little faith.

So, again, I’m tellin’ you don’t worry about food, and clothes and the bills.

People who are clueless, atheists and the like, they worry about that stuff because they have no hope, they are faithless,  but God knows what you need.

Seek out God first, live righteous dude, and He will hook you up.

Again dude, don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will be another pain in the butt, deal with it then, trust me, each day has enough stuff to worry about.

That’s all I have to say today folks, God bless, Happy Easter, and yes, that was my opinion.

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