27 March, 2012

Politically Incorrect News for Tuesday, March 27

The Zimmerman/Trayvon issue is not something we normally comment on here.  It is a criminal issue, not a political issue which is why you never see us report on Earthquakes and other natural disasters and murders.  However, since President Obama stated that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon, it has become a Political issue.

Once the Prez makes such comments the issue becomes politicized.  As a matter of fact the Negro Terrorist Group, the Black Panthers, have called for the killing of George Zimmerman.   They have ordered a $10,000 bounty to vigilantes. 

So, what are the facts?  Well Zimmerman is a half Caucasian/Half Hispanic person married to a Caucasian woman who has shot and killed a Negro.  So, to say it is racist is correct, we have every race represented in this case except for Orientals.

Zimmerman also worked with troubled teens, in particular Negro troubled teens.  That would seem to kill the argument of the shooting being racially motivated.  Why would you work with Negro teens to improve their lives and then "hunt" them down and shoot them?  Not a logical conclusion.
Additionally we learn that Trayvon was a troubled teen  suspended from school for possession of illegal drugs.

Furthermore there are eyewitnesses who offer conflicting accounts of the incident.  Zimmerman's own account is that Trayvon was acting suspiciously.  How exactly?  What is the definition of suspicious in the eyes of the law in Florida?  Additionally the account is that after Zimmerman followed Trayvon and then headed back to his car Trayvon came up on him from behind, struck Zimmerman in the face, knocked him down and was banging his head on the  pavement.  It was at this time Zimmerman shot Trayvon.

That account sounds like an attack and self defense.  Florida also has a law that allows for the use of deadly force in any place (not just the home) if a person feels their life is threatened.  That situation certainly sounds life threatening.  If someone punches you and slams your head on concrete, serious damage can/will be done.

However, this is Zimmerman's statement and all the facts are not in and we need to gather all of them before judgement can be passed.  For instance, why didn't Zimmerman simply shadow Trayvon after he had called it onto Police?  Poor judgement to say the least.  Also, Trayvon, who comes from a broken home, was visiting his fathers fiance to watch a basketball game with Iced Tea and Skittles in his hand.  Not exactly lethal weapons, although Michelle Obama would say so due to their high sugar content.

The thing here to remember is that this is a tragedy.  A young man is dead and another, if innocent, has to live with having taken a life even if in self defense, if not innocent, then he needs to face the judgement due for murder, which in Florida is execution.  Wonder if the ACLU will appeal forever on Zimmerman's behalf?

A word of advice, if it's 80 degrees with 80% humidity and you're wearing a hoodie or a parka, that alone is suspicios.  Just like if you are outside in a tee shirt and shorts in -40 degrees!   Cops are gonna pull you over assuming, rightfully so, there is something wrong with you.

The problem with all of this is that emotion and prejudice (Negro against Caucasian racism primarily) clouds the issue.  We also hear the phrase "hate crime" used.  What the heck is that?  Is there any shooting that is done out of love?  It is a ridiculous phrase and the point is that the full force of the Rule of Law should be imposed upon those that break the law.  Boompf.

That's my opinion.

Spike Lee Tweets Wrong Address of Zimmerman.  LOL!  Hey, isn't that an invasion of privacy?  What if someone tweeted Spike Lee's address?  He'd go ape s*** ...and unleash a team of lawyers on someone for doing that, hypocrite.

Zimmerman a registered Democrat.  Those people are racist, after all they were the ones who tried to block the Civil Rights Movement.

Trayvon's Twitter Account name, that he picked for himself was "No limit nigga"
Tweets released. reveal misogynist streak, and violent tendencies.

VIDEO:  MUST WATCH!  This is what $1T and the Dept. of Education has given us in the form of public education!

Ben Bernanke's New Toy!

NewsBusted for 3/27


I thought Kagan was gonna recuse herself...no?


Police say Witnesses back Zimmermans account

Trayvon Martin Social media portrays a different boy than the media.  Compared to the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Players Rape Case in which the media got the story entirely wrong.

Trayvons mother seeking trademarks on slain sons name!

Trayvon had multiple suspensions at school; included in his troubled past, drug possession, graffitti, and possession ofburglary tools.

NAACP Leader accuses Sharpton and Jackson of exploiting Trayvons death

"Cracker" tee shirts hot Florida streets.  What would be done if there were "nigger" tee shirts for sale on Florida streets.  Where is the outrage?

Liberals are haters; here's the proof in their own words.  This applies to family as well as neighbors.  Trust me I know, this is my sister.

Under Obama's Watch homes fall back to 2002 prices.

Obama Requests $770M to fight overseas Global Warming even though Global Warming has been disproved.  The unmitigated gaul of the man!  The nation is crumbling and he is looking for more money to spend?!

VIDEO: Obama says all countries are our close allies

Obama intimates to Russian PM, on open mic, that after he wins next election he will have more flexibility to do whatever he wants. Now that's a thought that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over, isn't it?

Obama's openly Commie friendly comments to Medved about extracting nukes from Eastern Europe have Poles rattled.

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