21 March, 2012

Politically Incorrect News for Wednesday, March 21

Whatever happened to polite political discourse?  Whatever happened to having differences of opinion?  I'll tell you what-it's gone!  Why?  The political center has disappeared.  There is Left and Right and a small uninformed middle who actually have no opinion, they are swayed by the "drive by media" and make their minds up based on that.  How else do you think an outright Socialist, a.k.a. an Enemy of the State, could be elected President?!

Not only that there is the dumbing down of the country so that there are so many who have no concept of history, no concept of the "isms" that they have no idea what they are voting for every 4 years.

In addition to that there is a fundamental shift in the character of the nation.  Even among the so called "greatest generation" there is a massive entitlement society, the generation that gave us Social Security.    Everyone wants to be taken care of by the Gov't.  They don't want to have to work hard, sacrifice, save, God forbid-WAIT, for anything.  Everybody wants everything now, whether they can afford it or not.

The majority of Americans seem to have no grasp on reality, that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Take Socialized Medicine.  It's free they say, everyone gets it.  Ok, how do they get it?  Are doctors and hospitals no longer working for profit?  Are the companies that manufacture the equipment suddenly not for profit organizations?  No.

So, where does the  money come from?  Someone has to pay for it!  Taxpayers pay for it through taxes, that's why they call them taxpayers!  And as we learn from the IRS every year that the percentage of people paying taxes keeps decreasing.  The latest stats are that 51.something% pay taxes and 48.something% pay no taxes.  So half the country is paying for half that doesn't work.  Hello!?  That is unsustainable!

People in their rush for "free stuff" have failed to realize that they give up their freedom for "security." 

The basic tenets upon which this nation was founded, freedom of speech,  freedom FROM the state meddling in our religious affairs, freedom to defend ourselves, with guns, from an oppressive gov't., the basics, all have been abandoned. 

This election ladies and gentleman is not about Obama, it is about REPUDIATING everything that he, and those Socialists that support him, believe in and in restoring our nation back to what it was.  That is, a Republic, where men are granted by their Creator (that's God for you atheists) with certain unalienable (that means they can't be taken away-God gives them NOT Gov't.) Rights, among them life, liberty and property.

Property...ever wonder why we pay property taxes?  What right does the government have to tax our property especially to the point where they can take your land away from you!?  None is the answer, they do not have that Right. 
I realize the answer is to the property tax question is that it is there to pay for roads, schools,etc., No.  Institute a sales tax or a state income tax for that, but they have no right to tax our land! 

The point is folks, the Center is gone.  There are no more Reagan Democrats.  There is no compromise anymore because the Left doesn't want to, they want to SEIZE power.

Come this election vote for every candidate, in the House, Senate, White House, Governors office, etc. that promotes individual Liberty and states rights.  The last thing we need is another 4 years of this Socialist in office or for that matter 4 years of a Republican who just wants to spend more and expand Government.

That's my opinion.

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In another example in a long line of abuses of power, Obama gives IRS SWAT team authority to share  personal taxpayer info with local police.  Again, another example of a violation of our Rights.

Obama's answer to rising gas prices and how to power commercial jets and cargo vessels-algae.  Seriously?  If I were to suggest that here you would think I dropped a lid of Acid!

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