12 March, 2012

Politically Incorrect News for Monday, March 12th

Obama Impeachment Bill Introduced in Congress

1 year ago yesterday the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami caused an estimated $175 B in damages.  Compare that to the $1T Obama has cost the U.S., Obama is a bigger Disaster. 

Communist Radical Angela Davis honoree on D.C. Court Wall. 

VIDEO:  Obama names Rep. Danny Davis "One of the best congressmen in the country."  Rep. Davis was awarded by the Communist Party!  Ah, old Comrades.

Liberals Idea of "Free Speech"  Hanoi Jane calls for FCC to Ban Limbaugh!  No calls to quiet Bill Maher, David Letterman, Maddox, Chris Matthews?

Terrorist Rockets Hit Israel!

Commies (Democrats) in Congress say Americans killed by Drunk Driving Illegal Immigrants doesn't warrant law that would hand them over to Feds for Deportation.

Gingrich, in play to Social Conservatives, rips ABC for show, Good Christian Bitches saying it would never run if it were Good Muslim Bitches.  True.  Also, it wouldn't run if it were Hypocritical Atheist Bitches either.

Hardcore Commies, Cloward and Pivens (Obamas idols) predict dark future for "Occupy" Movement.

Responsible Militant Christians Needed

30 something year old man punches 67 year old man in face over seating dispute during Brahms Concert at Chicago Symphony Hall.  If you get violent during Brahms, and pick a fight with a man more than twice your age there is something seriously wrong with you.  Probably a Democrat.  Seriously, they have no respect for the elderly (eugenics) and no respect for life (abortion).

California Universities may request "sexual orientation" info from incoming students.  Not to discriminate, but too accomodate the sexual perverts.

Grandfather gets busted by cops for holding Burglar at gunpoint until Police arrived...what?

Why are Police so brutal with women today?

Couple sues hospital for "wrongful birth" of retarded child they would have aborted.  Yeah, this is a sign of the times.  I relaize the article goes on to say that the tests did not indicate the child had Downs but that's not the freaking point!

Town refuses woman to post Lost Dog posters.

Denise and David Smart (talk about an oxymoron) pay $13,000 for tummy tuck and face lift on Bloodhound.