22 February, 2012

Wide Awake in America

Quote of the day:
“It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.”

Folks you need to Wake Up!  You are losing your country!  These things should be obvious to you all,and I am not accustomed to having to explain myself as the vast majority of what I write and thecomments to the links I post are over 95% correct.  However, for the sake of clarity, here we go.

1.  The Mainstream ( a.k.a. Lamestream) Media, i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, (and just about every newspaper aside from the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal), are de facto a part of the Propaganda Ministry.  Case in point, Socialists like Face the Nations Bob Schieffer in his complete and utter amazement at Santorums claims that pre natal exams, in many instances, lead to abortion.  Why?  Because people don;t want 'defective' babies.  By that we mean retarded, deformed, etc.  None of this should matter, you  baby is your baby, you brought them into this world, you have to take care of them.  Pretty basic.  HOWEVER, folks like Schieffer have never heard this argument before.  They live in such an insular world, they are not even familiar with the sentiment of over half the population.

Where was the reporting on Obama's budget?  Where is the outcry from the Left over Michelle Obamas profligate spending?  Where is the outrage from the media on Obamas, I need another vacation to fiddle while America burns, absence from office?  Remember when Bush went to his ranch?  Where is the outrage over Obamas taking over GM and Chrysler and nationalizing the automotive industry, similar to Chavez in Venezuela and the oil industry. 

There are dozens of examples.  If you don't see it you are not watching the news, you are not being honest with yourself or you live in the same bubble as Schieffer, or perhaps suffer from Dementia.

2.  Abortion:  It's wrong.  It is murder.  You are not ending the 'life' of a shoe, it will be a person when it makes its appearance.  However, legalized infanticide is the law of the land in America.  Do you see any legislation in Congress to outlaw it?  No!  So why the outrage?  Planned Parenthood is a business that is in business to do business and that means make money.  How do they make money?  Abortions, and they make a lot of money folks!  Look at what is on their website:  http://www.plannedparenthood.org/

This is a losing proposition for the Left so now what are they doing?  They are saying that the GOP wants to ban birth control.  Really?  Who said that?  No one on the Right.  It is manufactured by the Left because they need a new strategy to sway votes.  You see the truth is they are horrified of Santorum.  He is a real contrast to Obama, they say otherwise, but it is on the issue of morality, or the lack thereof on the Left, that is a winning issue for the GOP.

3.  Equality.  The Founders knew that to ensure the equality of outcomes was a dangerous path.  This is what the Left wants to accomplish.  They want to drag down the middle classes not just the wealthy, to make everyone equal.  Equally poor and miserable.  Doubt that?  Look at Vietnam, look at the U.S.S.R.  Why were those people fenced in?  Because it was so great there?  I think not.

4.  Immigration:  The Left wants as much illegal immigration as possible.  Why?  Because those people will vote for them.  Not only that the Lefts ultimate goal is a world without borders, where we are all one people.  Think, where in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics do you hear the word Russia?  You don't.  Their goal was world domination.  It is the same thing with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al.  Breaking down our borders, multiculturalism, etc. are just the first steps.

5.  Religion:  Obama is not a Muslim, he is not a Christian.  It is just lip service.  You've all heard Rev. Wright, Obamas pastor speak.  Obama heard him for 20 years.  Would you sit there and listen to that for 20 years if you didn't believe it?  That is an ideology that man espouses.  It is Radical Negro Libertaion Theology.  It's Communism.

6.  Energy :  Gas has more than doubled.  When gas prices rose under the Bush Administration we were told by Michael Moore and Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, Chris Matthews (you get the idea) that it was all part ofa conspiracy with the oil compnaies.  So, where is the outrage now that gas is approaching $5?  What of the Obama Administration and their conspiracy with Big Oil?  What of Obama and Shore Bank?  Where is the reporting on that?  What about Obama's publicly funding 'alternative' fuel services and their failures?  Where is the reporting on all of this?

7.  Mass transit:  Another pet project of Obama and the Left.  The infamous multi Billion $ 'train to nowhere' that runs from the Central Valley in California to just shy of San Francisco.  Oh, there's a wise investment!  Californians are just chomping at the bit for this light rail miracle! 
You see, the Left likes to congregate citizens in cities so they can keep an eye on you with CCTV.  Look at Germany, U.K., etc.  It is another in an effort to centralize, to control, all done under the premise of being 'eco friendly' cost efficient...cost efficient?!  It costs Billions of taxpayer dollars and they're talking about cost efficient?! 
Now the Gov't. owns Chrysler and GM, or I should say the UAW does, and we have been mandated health care, we have been mandated to provide contraceptives and abortions, even if it violates our religious freedoms. 
We are being corraled like sheep to the slaughter.  The EPA and other intrusive government agencies are like Border collies to us sheep.  It's all heading someplace bad folks.  That place is a land without the freedoms we beleive in, that we have fought for and died for, it is leading to a place that is no longer the America we love.

That's my opinion.

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