09 May, 2012

Politically Incorrect for Wednesday, May 9

Court Rules Illegals Can't Have Guns.  Hello?!  They're Illegals, they have NO rights under the Constitution!

Last Nights Primaries around Country Show Tea Party Enthusiasm for 2012 Elections.  Keep up the good work folks.  Say bye-bye to Barry the Bolshevik!

Climate Change, Green Jobs and Communism by Trevor Loudon

Club of Rome still Pushing Gloabal Warming Scam by Trevor Loudon

Advertisers Dump Commie 'Daily Show' after Comedian does Anti-Christian Vagina Manger skit.  Don't think it'll matter much though to the 12 year olds who watch the show.

Clicking 'Like' on FaceBook not protected by First Amendment.  So watch those thumbs people.

Laura Ingraham Smacks Down Matt Lauer on Propaganda Ministry Failure to Report on Obamas' Commie Past and Present.  Not hard to do Lauer is a girly man.

The Biggest Hurdle to Obama's Re-election:  The Truth!

Greek Commie who caused chaos and calamity in Europe.

When Obama says 2012 "will be a make or break moment for the middle class" what he is really saying is 2012 will be a make or break year for American Marxism.

Good News for a Change: N.C. Bans Homosexual Unions.

Obama says he is 'disappointed' with the N.C. vote to outlaw Sodomy.  Interesting, I thought he said when he campaigned that he was against Sodomy?  SO, that would mean he's lying?

California Legislature moving to pass Law that block therapy that would assist Homosexuals with their mental issues.  What's next?  Do away with therapy for alcoholics and addicts?  We can't help those people?!  That's Liberal Compassion.

Gallup Poll Reveals Electoral Map for this November

The latest numbers from the IRS (based on 2009 tax returns) show what it takes to be among the top 1% of income earners:an adjusted gross income of $343,927 or more. The 1.4 million Americans with this elite status reported 16.9% of all the country's taxable income.

That's right. One percent of taxpayers reported almost 17% of all taxable income. But that same tiny group also kicked in 37% of all the taxes paid. How much do you need to make to be in the top 50% of earners? Just $32,396.

Fall below that level and you are in the bottom half, along with nearly 70 million of your fellow taxpayers. All told, that group earned just 13% of the income reported on 2009 tax returns. And they coughed up 2.25% of all the income taxes paid.

The income and tax-burden breakdowns come from information reported on 2009 individual income tax returns. Income categories are based on adjusted gross income.
(Note that these figures include only federal income taxes. According to one study, more than half of all wage earners pay more in Social Security and Medicare taxes than they do income tax. The percentage of those paying more payroll tax than income tax soars to nearly 90% if you count both the employer and employee share of those levies.)

For historical perspective, back in 1986, the top 1% of earners reported 11% of all income and paid 26% of the income taxes; the lower-earning 50% made 17% of the income and paid 6% of the nation’s individual income tax bill.

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