16 April, 2012

Politically Incorrect News for Monday, April 16

From Pastor Mike Johnson at Grace Hills Church-Aliso Viejo, CA


Scientists like to consider earth as just one of many millions of planets, occupying an obscure place in an insignificant galaxy in a sea of nothingness. The Bible teaches, however, that earth is very special to the Creator, performing a unique role in the universe and God's plan for the ages.

Earth is the location God chose to have His image made in man after He created this planet. This is where God the Father sent God the Son to live a perfect life and die for the sins of man who had rejected Him. This is where God not only sustains life now but will fully restore it. To this day, no evidence of life has been found on any other planet.

This Sunday we begin our series in Genesis which I believe will be one of the most important spiritual journeys we will ever take. It has been said by many unless you understand Genesis you will never fully understand the rest of God's Word.

Take a look at the website, listen to the audio of the services, an excellent series and should help many around the world to better understand what the heck is going on here.

It's Always Open Season on Christians by Douglas MacKinnon

Americans making over $50,000 pay 93.3% of the Nations Taxes!

Google Founder says "Powerful forces around the world" at work to end Internet Freedom.

Obama claims Google and FaceBook would not exist w/o Gov't. Funding. Is he getting ready to take over the Internet as well?

Obama can now control Food, Energy, Health Care Resources and the Internet at any time

Obama's War on Women:  Obama pays women on his staff 18% less than men.  Can you say hypocrite?!

Obama yet to cut ties with Racist, Misogynist Bill Maher

Obama and his Socialist cronies are not just Waging War on Women, they are going after families!

'Buffet Rule', which Obama doesn't meet requirements for, shows Barry the Bolshevik needs lessons in remedial math.

Progressive Education not working, seems little Barry Big Ears can't do math!

Obama to Raise Taxes:  Keeps on with Keynesian Economics

As the EU implodes under the weight of the Social Welfare state, we still hear Obama praising it.  You might ask why?  Well, the goal is to destroy the middle class under the burden of taxation.  Read how:

EU Concerns Grow over Spanish Debt

How the U.S. Spends $1T a year in the 'War on Poverty' and keeps losing, year after year, after year...

The Propaganda Ministry that ignores Obama's Communist Negro Liberation Theology wants to "get to the bottom" of this Mormon thing.

The Real Racism of the Lefts Attack on Allen West

Gov. Christie takes on the Unions in Jersey, which means the Mafia and the Entitlement Mentality of those East Coast Socialists!

Advice from former victims of Communism  by Glenn Beck

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