30 March, 2012

Politically Incorrect Weekend Edition March 30-April 1

This is not a joke:  Biden blames High Unemployment on "God awful Recession we inherited."  LOL!

Shall we be Citizens or Subjects?  by Ken Blackwell

Obama Exceeds Executive Powers

Obama Doubles Down on Socialism

Socialists slam Justice Scalia for knocking Obamacare

America has Highest Corporate Tax Rate in the World!  Of course, this way more will fail and Obama and the Socialist Party can nationalize them, thus having more control over the citizenry, which is what they seek.

Socialist Donors ignore Obama Plea's for more cash.  Did he come out of the womb asking for money or what?!

Zimmermans brother says Medical Records will support claim of self defense

Hoodie Gangster shoots 6 in Chicago.  Didn't he look suspicious to anyone?  Guess everyone was afriad of being accused of racial profiling.

Parents of Caucasians slain by hoodie wearing Negro slam Obama for his silence on their sons deaths.  We have said it here before Obama, being Mulatto, seems conflicted about his racial identity and his parents abandonment of him as a child. It would seem Obama despises his Caucasian mother (although a Commie herself) and we all remember him throwing his Caucasian Commie grandmother under the bus, and Idolizes his Negro Communist father.  The man is in need of some serious couch time.

Biden says Obama Administration wants to impose a 'Global Minimum Tax'

House Passes Ryan Budget 228-191

Obamacare is the Largest Illegal Expansion of Federal Gov't. Power Ever.

Rick Santelli asks:  "why doesn't Obama go after Apples Profits?"

Spain as test for EU fiscal plan fails

Michelle "let 'em eat cake" Obama goes on binge vacation on taxpayer dime.  You know Obama has spent more than all the Presidents before him combined, maybe he has taken more vacations than all previous presidnets as well.  Funny how you never hear about that on the Propaganda Ministry news.

Canada ups Retirement Age, cuts Public Services in bid to balance budget by 2016.  Imagine that.

Why is Homeland Security Purchasing 450 Million rounds of ammo?

Obama Polarizes Nation

Justices to Vote on Obamacare


A Post-Racial Lynch Mob  by Ann Coulter

Obama's comments on open mic hint at his hidden Socialist Agenda if re-elected.

Obama's Socialist Agenda to Destroy Coal Industry with Carbon Tax is working

What we are goverened by in a Republic: The Rule of Law

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