09 March, 2012

Politically Incorrect Weekend Edition March 9-11

Santorum takes Kansas, Romney takes Wyoming

Rasmussen Poll Reveals Obama loses to Santorum and Romney.  Told you, it's a no brainer.  Bonzo the Chimp will beat that Commie!

Warren Buffett who chided Americans to pay more taxes; sued by gov't. for $336M in back taxes!  Hypocrite!  Pay YOUR taxes Warren, sit down and shut up!

Obama and his mentor said "I live to harass white (Caucasian) folks" and "white (Caucasian) folks greed runs a world in need."  Oh yeah, that's not racist!  Just substitute white (Caucasian) with black (Negro) and imagine the outcry from the Propaganda Ministry!

Foreclosures Spike!

Moodys Declares Greece in Default of Debt

Spain's new Conservative Gov't. faces first strike

Obama's Mentor said this tape was Intentionally Hidden from the American People during the 2008 Campaign because of how revealing it is of Obama's Commie roots.

Senators DeMint and Paul unveil Tea Party Budget to pay off Debt in 5 years!  Now what was so hard about that?

Abortion & Homosexual 'Rights' Activist calls Abortion a "blessing."  Well, I would call it murder on a moral level, but a ripoff to tax payers on a fiscal level. 

Your Tax Dollars at work:  Government Subsidized light bulb costs $50!

U.S. Auto Bailout...for French cars?!

Jobs Recession now worst in 67 years!  Way to go Obama!

News Busted for March 9th!

Greece Scrambles to Avoid Default

Looks like Portugal is next to go bust using Keynesian Economics that Obama loves so much.

Spain lines up to Default next?

Israel struggles with what to do about Iran....NUKE 'EM-PLEASE!

Democrats and their anti-Israel Agenda.

Actual Unemployment Soars to 19.1%!!!

Obama:  The most biblically hostile President of all time.

As Obama's Energy Secretary himself admitted, the Obama Administration has no interest in lowering gas prices.  They want to raise the price to force Americans into Euro style toy cars and mass transit.  Just another way for BIG GOV'T. to control your life!

Poll Says 77% of Americans Claim Gas Prices Major Issue in Election

Obama Lobbies Against Keystone Pipeline that would have driven down gas prices!

Energy Sect'y. Chu says he doesn't even own a car!  Implied Message:  Neither should you, you greedy Capitalist pig!  You should want electric cars and Mass Transit and buy Carbon Credits to make Obama supporters in Shore Bank Wealthy!  Freaking lying, conniving, dishonorable, hypocritical Socialist swine!  Wait, let me tell you how I really feel...

The Totalitarianism of Universal Health Care

Kathleen Sebelius says she has no idea if Obamacare will add to deficit.  Ok, so she's an idiot, or she thinks you are.  Either way, she's a LIAR.

Ronald Reagan warns of the Socialist Infiltration through Universal Health Care

Obama-Panetta-Clinton believe 'international authorization' supersedes Congressional Approval!!!  Really?  One thing I know, come November 6th we can authorize your employment future!

GOP will take the Presidency, the Senate, and hold the house.  What else did you expect with Obama, Reid and Pelosi destroying the nation in only 4 years?

Do the Right thing; when you're wrong, apologize. That's the sign of a man.

Tell your Senator to Vote YES on Amendment to S 1813

Litmus Test should NOT be Abortion but IMF Bailout

Why buy the cow when you get Communism for free?

The College Education Bubble has Popped!

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