19 March, 2012

Politically Incorrect for Monday, March 19th

Elle McPherson says she loves Obama, exclaims "I'm a Socialist-What do you Expect?"  There you go!  Thank you Miss McPherson, thank you.

Health & Human Services call for free sterilization for all college age women.  Free, as in you pay for it.  Free my a**!

Obama signs Executive Order that worries many; it paves the way for Martial Law.  However people, it is not the end of freedom...yet.   It's all steps.  One little foot in front of another folks.

French Jews Fear Another Wave of Terror

Obama to burn $80k in jet fuel to talk down gas prices.  Wait, you mean to tell me Air Force One isn't green?!

Gov't. Out of Control:  TSA pats down child in wheelchair.  Yes, handicapped Caucasian children, a known terrorist group!  Meanwhile still no racial profiling of Muslim men 18-42.

Great Depression on the Way? With Obamas Socialist Party strategy of bigger government, more spending, more debt, expanded entitlements, more regulations, more power to unions, and dramatically higher taxes and you have just the right mix for Disaster!

Obama's Proposed Budget Doubles the Debt, and you're surprised how?  You see to a Socialist when you are broke you need to keep spending.  Don't you get the Logic?

How the Apostates Take Over  Part I  by Michael Youssef

The Anti-Male, Anti-Religion Agenda of Obama and the Socialists

American Exceptionalism

Socialist AG Holder wants to Brainwash People on Guns; at least that's what he said in this VIDEO!

Should the World Tremble about an emergent Germany?

Poll Reveals only 28% give Supreme Court High Marks.  Of course!  They are tired of Activist Judges.

Socialist Gov. Brown wants to add more taxes to teh already highest taxed state in the nation.  You gotta love Left WIng California Politics...freakin' inmates are runnin' the asylum people.

Wanna Know what's gonna happen to Cali and the Nation?  Keep your eye on L.A.

Liberalism:  The New Stupid

Gov't. Affordability Prize Goes to $50 Light Bulb.  And Socialists say Capitalism sucks?

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