22 December, 2011

Thursday, December 22nd

Get all the news you can now folks.  Tomorrow through St. Stephens Day/Boxing Day is just all good news 'Christmassy' stuff.  None of the nonsense of this world, jsut happy Christmas, Jesus stuff.

Ron Paul Still Leads in Iowa

GOP blinks; give in to Barry the Bolshevik

GDP SLOWS TO 1.8%. If Obama bailouts were working GDP would be up, not down.  instead all we have is Debt Up.

Fitch threatens US Downgrade

Senate Tax Plan to save...$40?!

Real Estate May Not Recover in our Lifetime

Wall Street AND Main Street could take a pounding over impasse on Unemployment extension, ahem, payroll tax cut initiative.  Merry freaking Christmas from 'Barry the Bolshevik' and his Komrades Pelosi, Reid, et al.

Where are all the Black 'Occupy' Protestors?

Kung Fu Goalkeeper:  Dutch Goalie kicked out of game for kicking the snot out of some drunken idiot

This week we ran a story that Palin may run, but the real buzz among GOP insiders is that Jeb Bush might run!

The Gingrich who stole Christmas by Doug Hamann

Ron Paul Challenges GOP Militarism. Playing Cop to the World, it's just not financially feasible anymore.

Obama's Chanukkah an insult to Jews

Student sues school over not allowing him to express his anti-homosexual beliefs

Whoopi Goldberg says "Communism is a great concept".    There's a shocker, Whoopi a Commie.

The Light that burns by Daniel Greenfield

USA Invades Canada-takes over TIM HORTONS!