30 September, 2011

Updated Breaking News for the Weekend of Spet. 30-October 2nd

In the beginning our nation was founded by Caucasian males, primarily Christians, that were mainly of the patrician class.  The right to vote was reserved to those men who were landowners.  The thought, at that time, was that the common man was an unruly mob.  Right or wrong, like it or not, for better or for worse, we now have universal suffrage in this country.  Now, as an American I think that right being extended was a good thing, but there are those nowadays who don’t.  There are those that would deny you your fundamental rights, they are called Totalitarians or Fascists or Communists or Socialists, or in this country, Democrats.

Truth be known, with some exceptions, this country has been run by the patrician class to this day.  The thing that has changed is that they do not represent the concept of rugged individualism anymore, nor of the Capitalist system, nor a fundamental trust in God to provide us with our basic needs, now that ruling class believes it is they who know best and that Government has the answers.  It is the Liberal “ intellectual” dilettantes that want to determine what is best for you.

Let us not pick knits, Obama has been groomed for his current position since his childhood.  By the Communist father who abandoned young Barrack for “The Cause”, by his Socialist mother who abandoned him to her  Socialist parents to be raised.  The main influence in his life were Socialists of that time who raised a young boy abandoned by his family in the name of Communism.  This sad story could be a movie of the week!

The Dreams of Obamas father is well on its way to seeing its fruition, that is the destruction of this Republic, the Capitalist engine that runs it and has made our nation the envy of the world, and the rugged individualists who built this nation out of a rugged frontier and have been the first to reach the frontier of space and led in whatever technological advancement that came along and improved lives, all the while, making a profit.  Who brought electricity to our homes?  It wasn’t the government.

Obama, in his own mind, views the attacks on Capitalism and Capitalists as a Herculean task akin to cleansing the Augean stables and the filth of 3000 oxen.  That is because he is fundamentally a Socialist.  He is doing what he believes.  What did you think he meant when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform the nation?  Did you think he wanted to make it more efficient?  Well, if you did, you know you were wrong now!

Obamas portrayal of the wealthy as “rats” who must have somehow earned their wealth by cheating others out of theirs, the implication that the wealthy earned their wealth through some sort of under handed means off the labor and sweat of the workers is pure Marxist philosophy!  It brings to mind Hitler’s portrayal of the Jews, and remember Nazi means National SOCIALIST, the only difference being that Obama is an Internationalist and not a nationalist, nor I dare say, a patriot.  What he is, what he sees himself as is the Revolutionary Vanguard of the Proletariat!

Remember your history; it was Jackson, a reformer, whose administration tugged at the heart strings of the nation over the plight of the aborigines in this nation, all the while plotting the uprooting and relocation of these “noble savages”.  The same is true of Obama and Capitalism.  Remember, Hitler was elected.

People, the barbarians are no longer at the gate, they have burrowed inside, as Fabian Socialists do, like carpenter ants in the woodwork, weakening the structure of a house until it is too weak to support itself and eventually collapses, from decay within.

Do not be misled, the Socialist zeal for a Communist Utopia has not gotten the better of their discretion, in the area of discretion they are completely lacking.  They care not for the 100 Million lives that were lost in the last century alone to Communism and this bloody dream, all sacrifices are worth it to achieve the end, from their point of view.  Recall if you will how many Democrats were called to “fall on the sword” and lose their seats to vote for the Obamanation that is Obamacare.

Harken back nearly three whole years ago to Obamas inauguration.  It was seen by the Left as a Secular Second Coming.  The Anointed One they had long awaited was finally being crowned!  We wanted “change”, well we got it, and as they say, the more things change, the more they remain the same, we ended up with George III.  Obama was greeted as though we had been saved from some dreadful danger, when in fact we had planted a virus in our system.

Obama is guilty of the accusations propagated against him.  His cronyism specifically in the case of Shore Bank, GE, Solyndra, the seizure of GM and the forsaking of bondholders rights in favor of another political supporter, the UAW, the AFL-CIO, the TARP bailouts to supporters from banks that funded him, and what has all of this gotten us?

Unemployment officially of over 9%, ( a number we were promised we would never see if we just did as he asked) but actually over 15% according to the more reliable U6 report, more than $14T in debt, with a proposed “jobs bill” that is another $450B boondoggle, a nation with more people on food stamps than ever before, a nation with more people living in poverty, 42.6M, than ever before, a nation with a higher percentage of people living below the poverty line than ever before, 15% of the nation.  Realize that poverty is defined by the government as a family of four living on less than $22K per year, in America!

We are on the same path that led us to Civil War, not only the abomination of slavery, but the legitimate issue of states’ rights.  We find ourselves in the midst of another fight over the concept of nullification.  The Supreme Court will rule on exactly this issue when it decides on Obamacare.  Does a state, or 26 states, have the right to declare nullify and void a Federal law that violates the states’ rights as enumerated under the 10th amendment?  This is the issue, will an unconstitutional law mandating the American people to do something be overturned?  If not, what is next?

The issue this time is slavery of a citizenry to  its' Government.  The geographic division this time is not above and below the Mason Dixon line, but between the states of the Northeast, Left Coast and Great Lake states, and the rest of the nation. 

In the name of reform we have seen an abuse of power the nation has not known in over a century leading us to the precipice of financial ruin, and, the freedoms of this Republic we have taken for granted, far too long.

 That’s my opinion.

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