03 May, 2011

May 3rd-Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

Ok, so Osama was killed on May Day, how appropriate, same day Hitler was declared dead ironically.
Anyhow, I wonder how it is that the Left seems to be rejoicing in all of this.  Certainly it is a day for celebration, but that would be for Americans who actually love their country and don;t want to ruin it from within.

Why is it Muslims say, Osama wasn't a real Muslim, yet they were concerned about whether he had a "proper" Muslim burial?  Can someone explain that to me?  Let's face it, doesn't matter, he's shark food now.

Consider if you will the following:
Didn't Obama say when he ran for office that he would capture and not kill Osama?
Imagine if this had happened when Bush was in office?  OMG!  I can hear it now, "this is a failure of diplomacy", "Bin Laden was no longer the threat he once was", "when did Bush know Osama was at that compound?", "why didn't Bush act sooner?", " America demands prrof od death; where's the photos, the DNA evidence, the Long Form Death Certificate?!".

Wasn;t it Obama that said he would close Gitmo?
Wasn't it Obama who said he didn't beleive in the waterboarding of enemy combatants (a phrase he refuses to use, just like calling illegal aliens 'undocumented workers')?
What about Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11 who is in custody at Gitmo?  Whatever happened to that ill thought out plan to try an enemy combatant as a U.S. citizen in the courts?  Will KSM face a Military Tribunal now?

Also, notice how this makes Obama a "shoe in" for re-election?  Answer me this; does killing Osama lower inflation, the rising price of food, the rising price of fuel, the 5.5 Million people who run out of unemployment benefits on May 8th?  Does killing Osama turn the economy around, strengthen the dollar, stabilize gold and silver?  Does killing Osama put people back to work, lower our tax rates, destroy the debt created by Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?

Just some food for thought...that's my opinion.

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