05 April, 2011

Tuesday, April 5th

Just a few thoughts before the links to today's breaking news:

  • Experts built the Titanic, amateurs built the ark

  • The Pony Express was a private endeavour, founded by men at a time when there was a concern the Civil War would interrupt the flow of mail, and thus halt communication.  It is popularly told that the Telegraph put the Pony Express out of business.  In actuality, it was that the enterprise was losing money. 
It took mail RIDDEN BY MEN ON HORSES  nine days to make it cross country.  Now, in the 21st century (still no flying cars!) with Jets and semi's cruising down the interstate it takes the same amount of time for a letter to make it cross country.  Go figure.

  • The Author often hears comments from people about Israel.  Comments such as "why do we support them?  The Arabs hate them and the Arabs have all the oil, now look at the price of gas!  If we didn't support the Jews we wouldn't have so many problems with the Arabs!"

Now, there is a point in there, also a little anti-Semitism, but there is another point to be made here.  Israel is the only true democracy in the middle east.  Israel is our ally and they have supported us as well.  Granted, they do not have the wherewithal to support us financially or militarily, but they are an ally, like Great Britain.
Also realize that there was this attempt to exterminate the Jewish people from the face of the earth started by these guys called Hitler and Stalin (both Leftists by the way). 
Anyhow, most importantly, in Genesis chapter 12 God, you know, the guy who spoke the Universe into existence, yeah, Him; He said, that there would be a blessing upon those who bless Israel and curse upon those who curse Israel.  You figure a "Guy" who can speak stars into existence, you might want to listen to Him.  There is a God, I am not Him, if I were there wouldn;t be a Liberal alive to read this (I jest-geez, relax people) Israel and the Hebrews are God's chosen people.  God gave them the land they now possess and so much more (the real interlopers in the middle east are the Arabs) from the beginning.  It might be a good idea to let them have it and to support them.
Remember this, there are 1500 years of Catholic/Christian prejudices that get in the way, but the truth is that if one is a Christian, they really are nothing more than a Messianic Jew.  It is from the stock of the Jewish nation, that Gentiles were "grafted in", if one is a Christian, that is the deal.
So, next time you hear someone ragging on the "Jews" or how Netanyahu is a Dictator and Israel practices apartheid, reflect on these things and let them know the full story.
That's my opinion.


Israel Pushes To Abandon 2 State Solution:  Imagine That?  They Wnat Their Land for Themselves!


Another Commie in The Cabinet:  Samantha Powers


Evil Descends Upon America


U.S. to Reach Debt Limit and Possibly Default by May 15th


Gov't. Prepares to Shutdown-Good


Lack of Morality and Entitlement Mentality Destroying Nation


REPUBLICAN BUDGET PLAN TO ELIMINATE NATIONAL DEBT:  Now there's something we need, if the Dems won't agree tot that-THEN SHUT DOWN THE GOV'T.


IRANIAN DICTATOR says Obama's End to be Worse than Bush: Tell me something I don't know!


Portugal Trys to Stay Afloat Until June Elections


Housing Market Continues to Collapse


Fear of Inflation Pushes GOld to $1450 an Ounce


White House Defends Out of Control Budget



 Ron Paul's subcommittee hearing there were a lot of new facts unveiled – one of them was truly horrifying. It has severe implications for you and your family and for America's continuing viability. This new fact was picked up by Forbes columnist Chuck Kadlec (and virtually nowhere else). The gist:

The Federal government's fiscal emergency is likely to begin in earnest this summer.

The trigger will not be entitlement spending. Rather, the driver of this fiscal emergency will be an uncontrolled $800 billion explosion in annual interest payments on the federal debt to potentially $1 trillion per year....

This conclusion is based on an extraordinary testimony, elicited by Congressman David Schweikert from financier and philanthropist Lewis E. Lehrman, during Congressman Ron Paul’s recent hearings on Monetary Policy and Rising Prices.

[Mr. Lewis E.] Lehrman made the following startling point:

"Were the level of debt service payments to rise to close to market rates ... payments would ... consume a part of the federal budget which today is almost unthinkable...."

What does "almost unthinkable" mean? How will this affect your life? What does this mean for America?