16 March, 2011


Japan Said to Be Worse than Three Mile Island: Dow down nearly 300 Points


Breaking News from Trevor Loudon with NewZeal.com

From New Zeal, the blogger who brought down Van Jones after he discovered he was a member of the Communist Party, comes this news of another close friend, supporter and visitior of Obama, Donald Trumka.  Trumka's radical, Socialist ties, and their calls for ending private ownership. 
There's an old saying that if 10 people tell you that you're drunk, you better lay down.  Well, same thing goes for Commies!
This could bring down the Obama Administration, after all, there is only so much that the American people can ignore:


While Japan Burns, the Middle East Crumbles and U.S. Actual Unemployment Hovers at 16.1% Obama is immersed in...Bracketology?!


US Indoctirnation Camps, I mean, Public Schools in the U.S.


GOP Leadership Weak: Same old, same old


Why don't Commies Hate the Lottery?