27 October, 2010

On The Road to Socialism...with Obama, Reid and Pelosi, brought to you by George Soros.

From the archives:

On the campaign trail candidate Obama said he wanted to "fundamentally transform the United States of America". That's a quote folks. Obama promised change, well we got it.

What's the deal? Was no one listening? Are we that stupid? After eight years of "big government Bush" and the "Patriot Act" and the division that his term in office caused, America wanted change. Well, that's good, knowing what you want. However, when that change is toward Socialism, not so good.

For instance, when Obama and Rahm Emmanuel spoke of a Civilian National Security Force, what did they mean? They said the program was for 18-25 year olds, spending three months to "serve their nation". ISounds simple enough, what did we get instead?  Indoctrination? Sound familiar? Does the phrase Hitler Youth, or Young Pioneers (Soviet Union) come to mind?!

As a part of this "hope and change" did you sign on for the government taking over the student loan program? Sounds nice, now there is no middle man, no "evil" corporation trying to rake your children over the coals with outlandish interest rates...those "evil" bankers! You know, those same evil bankers that help Americans buy a house or to start a business! Don't forget that those student loans will be forgiven if you work for the government. Oh, that will cause people to flock to the private sector!

When Obama said to Joe the Plumber that he wanted to "spread around the wealth" that certainly was change! However, is that the change that Americans want? Are we really so petty, have we so thoroughly bought into "the class struggle" (Marxism) that we want to take from the rich and give to the poor?

Let me ask you this; how many poor guys have given you a job lately?

What about Health Care? "Oh come on, you can't honestly mean you want to deny poor people health coverage, do you"? "I mean, after all it is only just"?

Look, health care does need reform. As you probably know, there are not many Americans who have activated their HMO as much as I have. However, I had a job, or my wife had a job and that is how we got those benefits. Health Care is not a right. Rights are given to us by our Creator (as the founding fathers said) they are a result of the Laws of Nature. Government does not grant Rights to the people. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, a society that is willing to sacrifice it's Freedom for it's security ends up losing both.

Yes, it is a tragedy that bad things happen to good people, but that is also life people, grow a spine! Yes, we need to reform Health Care, but how about some free market solutions? Oh wait, surely there must be some free market solutions to the "health care crisis"? Count 'em America-zero. That is how many of the Republicans plans were adopted into this Titanic health care bill.

In case the President hadn't noticed, there is a thing called the Great Recession going on right now. How about you concentrate on that so that we Americans can get back to work and get health care again? Too simple? I guess I don't know what is best for me, that we need Harvard educated gas bags to decide that for us, since we are too dumb to know what is best for us...arrogance and pompous ass are a word and a phrase that jump to mind when you think of government.

Last I checked people, this was the Land of the Rugged Individualist, going out there on our own to fend for ourselves and to do the best we can for ourselves and our families. Sure, some are better at it than others, but that is life, that is Capitalism. You've got to know that when Fidel Castro and the French (a.k.a. cheese eating surrender monkeys) endorse a presidential program...that ain't a good sign America.

You've got to know when bald faced Commies are appointed to be czar (no comment on the title, just too easy) of this regulatory body and that department that we are headed down the wrong road. People cry, "Socialist, oh that's just not right! You can't say that". Well, what would you call it? When auto makers are nationalized (see Hugo Chavez) or when banks are natioanlized, and when Health Care is nationalized with no regard for the 10th amendment, what would you call it?

"Oh, but, that's not fair, we don't have a singler payer system yet". No, not yet, but that is the goal, Obama said so himself. And let us not forget that we have now allowed the Federal Governmant to regulate the Health Care industry, thus making them subject to the same regulations as utility companies.

Has the intolerance of the Left, the so-called tolerant, become so Totalitarian, gotten so out of control that when something walks, like a duck and talks like a duck, you can't call it a duck?  Perhpas we should ask Juan Williams?

That's still my opinion.