29 July, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Going into Hospital Thursday folks, not feeling so well now ,will try to get an article  or updated news sometime this week.

Obama bypasses Congress, again, Illegally, to expand Obamacare coverage.

Americans should not tolerate Obama bypassing their laws.

Illegals Protest Outside White House Demanding Rights. WTH? Are you kidding me?!

35% of Americans facing Debt Collectors under Obama.

Jerry Brown calls for Open Borders as only a Socialist would.

Eric Holder and his abuse of power in the IRS scandal.

Obama's IRS Teaming up with Atheists to target Christians.

IRS to monitor Sermons!

CNBC reporter slams Obama on Economy.

Nancy Pelosi calls Hammas a Humanitarian Organization.

While Dems are pushing for Amnesty for Illegals poll shows 77% of the American public want them shipped back to where they come from!

66% of Hispanic Americans want Illegals shipped back!

Hillary Excuse for Hammas using schools and other human shields is that "Gaza is a small place."  You have got to be kidding me?!

Son of Hammas founder converts to Christianity and exposes it for what it is.

Powerful Grass Roots Effort growing to stop Obama dumping of Illegals around the country.

Hillary's Flip Flop on Border Crisis.

Poll Reveals Americans wish they had elected Romney...then why the Hell didn't you?

What you should know about your friends with cancer. Excellent article, and speaking from first hand knowledge I can tell you it is accurate.

27 July, 2014

Greene Opinion Monday, July 28, 2014


Once Again Obama Refuses to Pay Honor to the Flag and the Fallen at Fort Hood. The man really is a disgrace.

Obama Ready to take Exec. Action this Fall that will more than likely Trigger Impeachment.

If Obama unilaterally enacts Amnesty for Illegals Americans need to be prepared to Impeach!

Americans getting Poorer under Obama, Net Worth Declining. 

FEMA Looking to house Illegals in Hangars and Abandoned Big Box stores.

The Daily Worker, a.k.a., the L.A. Times says Illegals have a "right" to work here illegally?!

Obamacare setting people up for Large Premium Increases.

Another strike against Obamacare; doctors can't ask about gun ownership.

Iraq about to Kill all Christians.

Leaked Messages Prove Obama Lied About Border. Can you say Bordergate?

IRS puts out ad for contractors to Help Destroy another 3200 Hard Drives!

6 companies own 90% of news you see and hear. How is that Freedom of Press.

10 Plagues Hitting the U.S. now from Illegals.

Illegal with Drug Resistant TB goes missing in CA.

ICE Agents say Obama moved them off Border.

4 Day Plan to Solve Border Crisis.

Tentative Deal reached in effort to cover up V.A. Scandal.

Obama Owes IRS $35 Million Per Year for his Private Jet and he's Not Paying!

IRS thinks they can read text messages and e-mails without warrant.

Obama set to Illegally Nullify Immigration Laws.

House needs to cancel yet another one of their vacations to vote to stop invasion of Illegals at our southern Border.

Obama Begging to be Impeached.

NRA and other decent Americans to cause problems for Socialists in 2014 mid terms.

Affordable Care Act passed, cars will run $50k to $150k.

SNL Slams Obama.

Fed fueling Giant Bubble.

Gov't. Cracking Down on Bake Sales, I s*** you not.

No wonder CA is broke.

No joke; an American Indian Tribe is seeking a Bailout to cover losses on Casino. How do you lose money on a Casino?!  Another bailout, really?