20 July, 2014

America is a mess; and it is our fault.

Sorry folks, still sick, this will have to do another day.

From deep inside our fortified bunker on the Gold Coast of the most beautiful, but socially and politically misguided state in the union, we bring you the voice of reason in this crazy world of ours.  From sea to shining sea, all across the fruited plain, this is the Greene Opinion.  Your source of information and comfort in a world full of Socialist propaganda, moral decay and downright wacky behavior.

Yes ladies and gentleman we were born into a world where men opened doors and we were raised when men wore hats, women wore gloves and everyone else was nervous.

Folks, I am writing to you today from the perspective of what is considered an old man.  Oddly enough even that is not the same as it used to be.  When I was a kid, an old man was a retired gent in his 70's or 80's.  His time would have been "back in the day" and that meant about 50 years ago, or the teens as in 1918, not 25 years ago which would have been the 40's.  Now you hear folks refer to "old school" or "back in the day" as the 80's.  The 80's?!  Are you kidding me?!  Old school now would be the early 60's when men wore hats, before the Beatles and the JFK assassination.  The 80's was a time of self indulgence for the latter half of the boomer generation or as I like to call them "the most selfish generation."

We are in a mess today, manufactured border crises by a Socialist Prez who wants a world without borders where everyone gets the same amount...except of course for him and his cronies who will have the bulk of the wealth and be telling us how to live our lives.  We live in a world where our God given rights are challenged because these heathens no longer believe in God.  Their God is science.  The same so called "science" that brought you global warming, hell, you can't even get a weather forecast anymore without a Socialist message attached!

Remember when we used to put Socialists in jail?!   

The problem starts in the home.  Recently a news reporter in NJ as he was reporting on Negro youths who had shot and killed a police officer saying the problem was that these kids had no father figure growing up.  Well, guess what folks, he was correct.  Of all Negro children born, 66% are born out of wedlock and that is the same number who grow up in broken homes, that is, the father has split.  Kids need their parents.  Families also need to have faith, faith in God and in one another and in their country.  Often Liberals, who have never cracked a bible mis-quote or take out of context biblical passages.  For instance, "spare the rod, spoil the child."  No, you are not to take rebar and thrash your child.  You are to discipline a child...in love.  That means, when they tick you off you don't beat the crap out of them.  You wait, explain to them that they cannot use the Lord' name in vain, hit their sister, openly defy you, whatever the infraction is and then you spank them.  Yes, you spank them.  Screw child services, you do what is right to make sure your child doesn't end up some disrespectful, rude, entitled delinquent.

Men, whatever happened to men?  I see guys nowadays in their 40's carrying on like they are in their teens and 20's. still getting drunk and stoned.  Now I know it is socially accepted behavior nowadays for college aged men to get drunk and stoned, but is this really a wise investment of time and money?  No, but that's a whole 'nother article.  Point is, grow up!  Heck, in my fathers time guys had their degree, were married, had a job and a mortgage and a baby on the way by 25!  Now you're lucky if they finished college.  They spend 7 years in college!  That used to be called a PhD!  No, today's man in his 20's, 30 and even 40's is still playing "fantasy football" or in some sports league trying to recapture his youth when he played, football, basketball or hockey.  Give it up!  You did not make it into the NFL, NBA or NHL, you are not, nor where you ever good enough.  Grow up and be a dad and a husband for crying out loud.

BE A GENTLEMAN!  You don't have pornographic magazines laying around the house.  You put a lady on a pedestal and treat her with respect.  What happened to walking on the outside, opening a door, heck paying for the dinner and a movie and bringing flowers on a date?  Compliment a lady on her appearance you slob and don't go to pick the lady up in your shorts and a baseball cap on backwards, what are you, a baseball catcher?  What's next, you're gonna wear a mitt as well?  Idiot.

When it comes to kids, if they day dream at school, they don't have ADD or ADHD they're kids, they are day dreaming!  They are probably thinking about cowboys and Indians, football, or Vikings!  They don't need counseling, they need an outlet, sports is the outlet, not video games.  They also need time with their father to set an example, to be a role model.  They need to be in the Boy Scouts, not a Play Station or X-Box.

Part of the problem is that many of the adults act like the kids.  Get your priorities straight people.  Put down the damned iPod or iPhone or whatever the heck it is.  Mothers, you may be hot, but wearing sweat pants with juicy on your ass, a push up bra and enough make up to be confused with a madame at the Mustang Ranch is NOT the example to set for your daughter.

Stop trying to keep up with the Jones's.  The Jones may very well be broke.  Don't live like everyone else, buy what you can afford, don't mortgage your future for things in the present you don't need.  You want to know what a REAL status symbol is?  NO DEBT, and NOT a leased BMW and Mc Mansion with 3 mortgages.  It is called living within your means, and being responsible.  A house is a home, solace from the world outside, not an investment; if you make money off it someday, then so much the better.

Yes folks, we have a nation of people who are entitled, especially in D.C., but the truth is it is our own fault, we put them there.  Why?  Because we are too busy eating out and charging it because we don't have the cash, watching Dancing with the Stars, rather than reading the news, and because we see Government as Santa Claus rather than looking to self sacrifice to get what we want on our own.

Yes, we no longer live in the country I grew up in, and the country is a mess, and yes we have ourselves to blame because in part we have become a nation of narcissists enraptured with instant gratification and what's in it for me rather than sacrificing, waiting and thinking of what is best for all in the long run.

That's my opinion.

18 July, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

This is Classic! Krauthammer says the least Obama could do is "to make a damned decision in his life."  AWESOME!

The Elizabeth Warren Commie Cult machine fires up for 2016.  If Americans elect her we deserve to be in poverty and enslaved in Communism.

Ad's attacking MS Tea Party candidate as racist, were paid for by the GOP.

Obama's Racist, Commie allies at La Raza call for extermination of White man.  I am sure Eric Holder will be busy fling hate charge crimes.

Horowitz Blasts Democrats for being Commies.  He must be correct, he agrees with me.

Here you go! Someone not insane in D.C.  Sen. Vitter calls for deportation by the planeload for Illegals.

Hypocrite Dem. Gov. of MD says not to send illegals home, but don't send them to my state either.  Guess they have 1 Mexican at his country club though, right?

Obama's Economic Recovery Miracle going so well, Microsoft prepares to cut 18,000 jobs, way to go!

Egypt charges Obama for conspiracy with Muslim Brotherhood.

Hunters feeding the poor.

Socialist Comedian made a fool by Megyn Kelly.

Socialist Sen. from CA, Boxer is a Liar.  Well, Socialist and Liar, that was redundant of me.