04 September, 2014

Immigration Reform


You know, we hear about "comprehensive immigration reform" from Obama and the rest of the Socialists.  What does that mean exactly?  It means this: take down the border, get all the illegals in that they can, get them on the dole and make sure that they are permanent 2nd class citizens, like the blacks in America, and keep them as lifetime Socialist voters.  Looking for a hand out rather than a hand up.  Continually 2nd class, never moving up  the social and economic ladder as other groups that emigrated here for over 200 years have done before.

What is the Immigration Reform that we need?  Revert to the pre 1964 Immigration Policy where there was a total number of immigrants allowed and a total number from each country.  Once a quota was reached of immigrants from a country, the borders were closed to them for 3 generations (54 years) in order to allow them and their descendants to assimilate.  America is a melting pot, NOT a multicultural society. You want that, move to Canada. 

The unique thing about being an American isn't that we are all Hindu, all black or white, it is not ethnic, it is a common idea.  That idea is founded on individual freedom.  Freedom to worship as we see fit, to protect ourselves, to pursue property and enterprise and succeed or fail as fortune, and our efforts dictate.  It is the land of the rugged individualist, left to make his own way and NOT to have the state guide his way.

That's my opinion.

Obama has no plan on how to deal with ISIS but the thin skin Pinkos at the State Dept. are never at a lack for how to deal with Fox News.

Half of Illegals have been in country over 13 years!  Time to ship 'em all back where they came from.

26% of California Immigrants are Illegally here...time to ship 'em back to where they came from.

Obama's America, the top 10% keep getting richer.  So that's what income redistribution meant?

03 September, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hey folks, apologize for delays.  Been under the weather lately and got a bunch of doctor appointments coming up.  But today, here we go.

Scientist Sued for Christian Beliefs.

St. Patricks Day Parade forced to allow sexual degenerates to march with normal people due to pressure from sponsors.

Obama's Job Approval numbers now so low he is supported by die hard Commies, racists and idiots...excuse me, "low information voters."

Obama refuses to tell Congress where he is hiding illegal aliens in the country.  Time to impeach this joker.

10% of workers in CA are Illegals!

Cops Demand to enter mans home without warrant!

Sen. Cruz wants to make 2014 a referendum on Dems Amnesty for Illegals. Well great, but where is the GOP platform? They haven't said anything. It is as if they are afraid of their own shadows. People are fed up with this 6 year recession/depression and all of Obama's Socialist policies destroying the nation-so why not be bold and attack the Dems?  Idiots.

John Kerry says God wants us to protect Muslims from Global Warming.  WOW!  Really?  Is this an acid flashback or does he have so much contempt for the American people that he would say something so stupid thinking we are so stupid as to believe this nonsense?!

Kerry's bit on building consensus to do anything on ISIS.

Holder to go head hunting in Ferguson, MO.

Holder sues companies for refusing to hire illegals. Does any of this make sense to you folks living in the real world and not in Socialist Utopia Land?