23 November, 2014

How We Got To Where We Are Today

This past week saw Obama issue not an Executive Order but "memos" or instructions on what not to do.  What he instructed Federal Employees not to do this past week was to disregard the Rule of Law, to disregard the Federal Enacted Immigration Laws and Border Security, he instructed Federal employees to basically ignore their Constitutional Duty just as he has ignored his oath of office.  Ironically, it is one of the few things that the President is called to do and Obama has violated that mandate.

But, how did we get to this point.  We work under the premise that we, the people, get exactly what we deserve, what we vote for, for whom we put in office.  Well, that is a bit less specific.  That is the result of a general moral decline, a moral malaise that has landed us on this scrapulous surface we now find ourselves on both constitutionally and morally.

Where did it start?  Well, ever ask your parents or grand parents, those of the so called "greatest generation" when they began to witness the decline?  Well, I have; the answer is unequivocally in the 1950's and of course compounded int he 1960's.  Why is this?  Well, it wasn't the "me" generation that started it, they certainly ran with it and took us to new depths, but it was those that returned from "The Big One" that started our inexorable march to this point.  Disheartened with the loss of innocence, witnessing young men being put through the meat grinder of places like Iwo Jima and Okinawa, Guadalcanal, and the horrors of the death camps in Nazi Germany, those returning soldiers, many of them chose to forget what they had seen and poured their energy into building a better future.  What was a better future?  One with more, and not with less.  Why not?  After all, it surely must have been the want of the generation that lived through the Depression that caused the people to the radical alternatives of Socialism, Communism and Fascism, and they wouldn't be wrong.  However, in that pursuit it turned a corner and bordered on materialism.  You know, scripture is often misquoted and one of my favorites is "money is the root of all evil."  Perhaps intentionally misquoted by Commies, however, the actual quote is "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil."  That is the pursuit that led the greatest generation astray, and the ones that bore the brunt of it were the boomers.  Not to blame everything on mommy and daddy, but they had begun to lose their moral compass, because they were not given a solid one.

Once the Boomers grew up, they indeed did go nuts.  The 60's 70's and 80's bore witness to that.  Disenfranchised, they felt, feeling as though once could not discern good from evil any longer, that in fact who was to say what was good and evil, moral ambiguity is what you are left with.  Secular humanism reared its' ugly head.  There was a turning away from Christ and toward eastern religions because, oh yes, they were so much more enlightened.  Yes, people who worship the dead, and blue gods with 40 arms, they were enlightened.  Surely not!  It was just different.  

This is the same generation that openly embraced the teaching of 19th century German philosophers and turned their backs on 18th century English philosophers.  Oh yes, the Germans, a more cheery bunch one would not want to meet.  Folks like Marx and Engels and Nietzsche.  Nietzsche who said God was dead and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, a man also declared clinically insane by medical experts of his time and of today.  A man who was at best a malignant narcissist.  Yes, lets adopt his creed, shall we?!

Of course, to get down to specifics we then have a man spawned by a commie archaeologist (of all things) and an anti-colonial Socialist drunk.  He was raised by Commie grand parents and was mentored by an outright Marxist, toss in a healthy dose of race confusion and  what the hell do you think you are going to get from that stew?  Poison,  poison is what you get folks.  That is Barrack Hussein Obama.

Of course that is true for a generation as well.  The Boomers went from changing the world they saw as corrupt and evil to "selling out" and abandoning "hippie principals" to become stock brokers.  This left them feeling like hypocrites and failures.   In actual fact what they had done was realized a tremendous mistake and corrected course, but ultimately they did not see it as such.  This defeatist attitude was passed on tot eh next generation that saw their parents as sell outs and losers and thought everything was futile.  That secular humanism that had taken root now sprouted, the lack of responsibility festered and spread like a disease that now runs rampant through our culture and all of this fuels the heat of apathy which is the main course for dinner.  A population more concerned with who got off the island than having their freedoms stolen.  A people who hear their leaders say they are stupid and that's what was counted on and have no reaction.  A people who witness the dismantling of their nations Constitution, the safeguard of their freedoms, a people who witness the turning away from their God, a people who witness the destruction fo their freedoms and do nothing.
That is where we are today folks, and as we have said many times before, we get what we deserve.

That's my opinion.

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04 November, 2014

So The GOP Won, So What?

As of this hour here on the American Riviera, the GOP has picked up at least 7 seats in the Senate which means they have a majority.  Also, adding to their majority in the House the GOP now has more Republican Congressman than at any time since WWII when the last wanna be Socialist Dictator, which we are told everyone loved so much but he wasn't even warm in the box when a Constitutional Amendment was passed to limit presidential terms, FDR was in office.  

What do you think is gonna happen now folks?  The GOP and the Dems are both, almost exclusively, folks making $14,500 a month and with great connections to engage in insider trading to build small fortunes.  There are less than 10% that have any real moral fiber.  Anything the GOP might do will be vetoed by Obama, and in an effort to not piss off voters prior to 2016 the GOP will just shrug and say, "we tried, but big, bad, Barry the Bolshevik wouldn't play fair."  And that is gonna appease you they think.  Will they have the guts to line item bills aimed at killing the most egregious constitutional flaws in Obamacare?  I doubt it.  Will they vote to defund it?  I doubt it.

What do you really think is gonna happen with Boehner and McConnell in charge of the House and Senate?  Not much, let me tell you!  Sure, Boehner is orange, but he is at least not insane like Pelosi and McConnell quite frankly is every bit as morally bankrupt as Reid, just that the things he had done were not featured in a Hollywood Blockbuster like the film CASINO.

No, I am not doing handstands here folks.  I am still in a wait and see mode.  Wait until 2016 and see who gets the nod from the GOP.  If it is someone like Ryan or Romney or some other neo-con/career hack, then forget it, we will lose, Hillary will take over and you can kiss your freedoms goodbye.  IF we can get someone like Cruz or Paul or Walker, then their may still be some hope for our once great nation.

You know folks, one thing no one really talks about.  Under Obama the rich have gotten richer than at anytime in the last 35 years.  Also we now have more poor people than at any time in our nations history.  All of this directly attributed to Obama.  However, the Middle Class, that is the folks making between $26k and $100k a year, they have not gotten a raise in 16 years.  That means all of the Obama administration, all of the Bush administration and the last 2 years of the Clinton Administration, wages for the middle class, when inflation is taken to account, have not seen their pay rise 1% in all of that time.  The first one that can come up with a plan to address this forgotten class of people, the ones that bear the burden of inside the Beltway politicking, once someone gets these folks a break, then you have a winner.

In the meantime I will just remain calm and watch and not pop any bottles of bubbly.  

That's my opinion.

First Female Senator in Iowa history!

First Black Senator in S.Carolina since Reconstruction.

First Black Female Senator from Utah in History.  Now that's Hope and Change we can believe in folks.